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Located conveniently on the borders of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, Yateley Hypnotherapy offers a professional and friendly service aimed at assisting you to improve your lifestyle.

Having been formally trained and qualified to a high standard I can assist you in working towards those lifestyle changes you really want to make. Contact me if you want to overcome your fear of flying so you can take that dream holiday, lose those few extra pounds, shave a few strokes from your golf handicap, give up smoking, overcome anxiety and nerves when you're called on to speak in public and even control the discomfort of childbirth so that all those treasured memories remain clear, intact and happy.

I can help you!

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Don't believe that hypnosis is for you?

At Yateley Hypnotherapy I practice a combination of modern therapeutic techniques including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Problem Solving Therapy and several other proven approaches reinforced with hypnosis.

These methods aren't magic, they're based on science and the results speak for themselves. For example, if your wish is to give up smoking, you are 5 times more likely to give up after one or two sessions with me than you are using your own willpower. Even with the aid of nicotine patches, gum and so on, my techniques are 3 times as effective (data taken from the Journal of Applied Psychology).

Take charge of your life!

Contact me now either by telephone (07834 161 858) or using the form on this website and book your first, free initial consultation.
Freda Minton Dipl. Hyp., GHRQP, MNCH (Lic)
Freda Minton
Dipl. Hyp., GQHP, MNCH (Lic)

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